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Mix Your RealtyTM

Bring the power of mixed reality to real estate. Elite technology for a luxury customer experience. Connect with the buyer of tomorrow today.

Mixed Reality

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Future of Real Estate

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With interactive, life-size walkthroughs of current and future developments. Attract partnerships with builders, housing fixture and furniture suppliers, elite architects, and designers.

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Connect Powerfully 

Allow remote buyers to move with confidence through See-What-I-See interactive showings.

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Capitalize on the Power of Data.

Create and capture data like never before to gain insight into the thoughts and needs of your clients.

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Mixed Reality

Going Beyond Displays

  • Mixed reality merges the physical and digital worlds through spatial computing–putting information where it’s most useful to you in your space.
  • Heads-up, hands-free display: keeps users fully engaged with their surroundings while providing contextual information in relevant places.
  • Interact in real-time with digital objects in the physical space through hand-tracking, eye-tracking, and speech input.
  • Collaborate from afar like never before with mixed reality spaces that bring you together from anywhere in the world.


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Digital disruption has targeted the real estate industry. Are you ready to lead the industry?

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